Who is medicalcertificateonline.com.au?

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Who is medicalcertificateonline.com.au


We believe passionately in making it easy to get a medical certificate online (many call it a doctor’s certificate). No matter what you call it we just want it to be easy to see an Australian doctor online in Australia, so patients can get a medical certificate for sick leave purposes. We want to make it straightforward for straightforward illnesses.

Why make it complex, hard and time consuming when you’re sick and your patience is thin? All you really want is to see a doctor quickly and get a real medical certificate not a fake medical certificate!

We are pioneering and innovating for the benefit of all Australians and Australian doctors and we believe passionately in developing online solutions for patients and doctors that drive down the cost of delivering health care online. We believe it needs to be done and can be done more affordably, with greater accessibility and ease for patients to engage with a medical doctor while receiving the care they want and need. For patients, it lowers the cost of seeing a doctor when a patient's symptoms and health care needs are simple.